Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some coffee table sprucing up

I read that many blogs, that I am constantly finding ideas, then forgetting where I saw them. I saw this idea last week (if someone knows where please let me know so I can credit the blog). I needed to add something to my bargain Ikea table, It's lovely, but pretty boring.

So I found an old tray that has been sitting on my fridge for aaaages.

Got some Gloss black Rustoreum, that paints perfectly onto plastic, and gave the tray 2 coats.

When it was dry, I cut some fresh flowers from the garden, and added some candles, and other little trinkets.

How beautiful and simple are freshly cut cherry blossums in a vase?
I love Spring :)

Now I am fearless of spray paint, here is a sneak peak of my next project:

But not for much longer!!!


  1. Love the tray, can't wait to see what you do with that lamp! It reminds of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story!

  2. oh my gawsh.
    spray paint.
    I cannot look at anything the same now.
    I want to paint it all.
    My poor house...

  3. I know was you mean Sarah! I can't turn off my brain now!I think about it all the time! Even trying to relax and watching movies now I am constantly thinking about the house on screen "That stair case would look amazing painted white" or "Spray paint that table!"


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