Monday, August 30, 2010

Wardrobe Draw makeover

Every Morning I stare at my ugly dated draws in the built in wardrobe...

Don't mind my pink bra in the corner...

I combine this: (Darling Chrissa at showed me )

and this idea

And did the complete make over for $12!

First I got the template off the Jones Design Company, printed it out and got out my black paper and started tracing like crazy!

Then I took off the ugly handles, and started putting up the pattern, with some help from my dog Bomber.

When It was time to screw in the handles, me and the drill had a bit of a lovers quarrel....

After me slamming some doors, and some harsh wordsbetween me and the drill, I got my trusty hubby to screw them in for me

And here is the final product! A whole new look for $12!


  1. Oh awesome! I bet it makes you smile everytime you see it!

    It looks great!

  2. What a wonderful makeover! Even though its in the closet, I just love little surprises like that! Great job (:

  3. Such a great idea! I love it.
    Came out wonderfully!

  4. Loving this!!! be sure to link it up at my Fabulous Friday Finds party! Hope to see you there, sweets!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~


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