Monday, August 30, 2010

Wardrobe Draw makeover

Every Morning I stare at my ugly dated draws in the built in wardrobe...

Don't mind my pink bra in the corner...

I combine this: (Darling Chrissa at showed me )

and this idea

And did the complete make over for $12!

First I got the template off the Jones Design Company, printed it out and got out my black paper and started tracing like crazy!

Then I took off the ugly handles, and started putting up the pattern, with some help from my dog Bomber.

When It was time to screw in the handles, me and the drill had a bit of a lovers quarrel....

After me slamming some doors, and some harsh wordsbetween me and the drill, I got my trusty hubby to screw them in for me

And here is the final product! A whole new look for $12!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Best $4.50 I ever Spent

I went to the op shop yesterday, and found this small gold mirror for $4!

Some black spray paint, and here is how it looks now:

While I had the spray paint out, I painted the bird cage I got at a garage sale on the weekend for 50 cents! Should of taken a before pic...

Here it looks like sitting on the mantel. I was so exhausted last night I just sat on my butt and took these pictures from the couch haha.

And here is proof of my lovely bargain Ikea table :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Name is Emma, and I am a furnitureholic

In a recent trip to Ikea, I fell in love with this coffee table:

(I am falling in love a lot with furniture lately. I'm a furniture slut)

It's soooo cute, The top is like a display case. I found this example on the Internet. I could constantly be giving it a face lift, think of cute little Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations, or anything I felt like that week!

But alas, It was only is made in the white color (wouldn't really go with our decor), and its $479....

So I obsessed over it, google searched it, and found a second hand one, for $175 and only a half hour drive away.

I emailed the seller, he wanted it picked up that day. After a horrible day at work, my husband agreed to come along with me, in the pouring rain. He didn't screw his face up when he saw it, and put it in the back of the Ute for me, not bitching once! I was Shocked.

So now it sits in my lounge, in perfect condition. I am very happy with it, still haven't made up my mind if I will paint it or not. I kinda like that it doesn't match the other furniture.

Then I brought this on Ebay last night and picked it up:

Again, he didn't bitch, or screw up his nose! It's an August miracle I tell you!

I'm going to paint it up, maybe shabby chic style, and try my luck at selling it.

I hear by promise, that I can buy no more furniture until I have finished off ALL my half done projects. And Belive me - there are ALOT of them. Hopefully I can stay stong :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I just saw this idea and fell in love.

That Cherry Blossom mirror will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. Well not that exact one, but ill make my own version. The perks of having a glazier for a hubby :)

And how cute is everything else in this picture?


Wish I was single and could do pink in my house, but then I wouldn't have a Glazier that could give me mirrors for free would I? Can't have my cake and eat it to I guess...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ideas I plan on using

Only Recently have i discovered the wonders of all the crafty bloggers out there. I spend hours reading them. It makes me wonder what I did before I found all these wonderful ideas.

Stunning Candlesticks made from timber sitting around her home! Stunning!

So easy, and look so Beautiful!
From My recent Plasma Stand makeover - I have a lot of spare draws I wasn't sure what to do with. Until I came across her wonderful Blog today! Muhahaha. These draws turned into shelves - They will be mine. Oh yes. They will be mine.

What a gorgeous idea! Can't wait to give this one a try!

And this one too!
It's going to be a busy weekend for me i think!
What awesome Ideas have you come across?

Dresser turned into a plasma stand

So I won the dresser I fell in love with on eBay:

After a hour round trip drive, I brought it home, Sanded, primed, Let my dog Maggie Sniff the dresser...

Also I decided to take out the draws on the top shelves, as the pattern on the draws didn't really suit my decor. It was so easy. I used a hammer to tap on the sides and the draws and they fell apart within seconds. (Great tip from my dad!) Then I just used my hot glue to attach the bottom of the draws to use as shelves.

And here is how it turned out!

Its going to be our plasma stand. I cant take fancy photos of it all set up just yet, cos the back room is a giant work in progress... Fingers crossed its finished in a month. We are taking out walls, Plastering up brick walls, and getting timber floors layed. We are doing most of it ourselves, but the wall is a supporting wall, so it's not something we can do ourselves and I have been having a hard time getting the builder to commit to a time frame. But soon! Hopefully soon. I will have to start hasseling him. I have found some wonderful ideas on blogs and can not wait to have a blank canvas to start working with!

The people I brought the dresser off threw in 2 side tables as well:

I gutted them, primed painted, and brought some DVD storage boxes from Ikea. We have so many DVD's and are starting to run out of room for them, so this should buy us some time for a while...

I also got a mirror off them I'll use some time in the future I'm sure :)

What projects have you been working on?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Damask Mirror

First I found an ugly frame at the op shop for $7

Spray painted it black

Sprayed some over cleaner on the parts i wanted to go see thru. Scrubbed it after 5 mins with a green scourer.

Then I put some damask backing paper behind it and hung frame up

Pretty happy how it turned out! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New project - dresser turned into plasma stand

As of Saturday, I am the new owner of the solid wood dresser, mirror and two matching side tables, I fell in love with on Ebay.

All for $46 dollars, Bargain!

I got a lot of laughs from my hubby's mates, as they cannot see the potential in them.

Silly boys.

My plan is to turn these into a entertainment unit/plasma stand.

I wanted to keep the patterns in the top draws evolved, but its not going to suit anything in my house and look really out of place, as all my furniture is dark wood, square, with frosted glass. Very modern style.

So I am going to keep it pretty modern looking, but I am not going to keep the dark wood in it. I need something different, but still compliments all my other furniture. (Well for now anyway, until I have enough $$$ to re do aaaaaall the furniture...)

As most of my existing furniture has frosted glass, I decided to paint it blue, but try to match the glass color:

And also use the handles I brought for the last dresser I fell in love with, but missed out on.

I have taken out a few of the draws to make shelves, for the DVD and PlayStation to sit in.

So far I am pretty happy with it, hopefully I am finished soon and will upload some pictures.

I have also put myself on an EBay, garage sale and op shop ban until I get some more of my unfinished projects completed.

Wonder how long that will last :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drum roll please!

So here the shelf is, All finished!
I didn't get to take a fancy photo, with books, vases and flowers, cos I was in a rush to get it in the study as we where having friends over for a BBQ and they where due any second.
But I'm pretty happy how it turned out!
So my next projects are,
Updating my Grandpa's Grandfather clock, I think a little paint will change it completely, and also show off the detail in the glass of the birds.

Painting this Chandelier I scored for free! weeeeee

Turning a frame I got at the op shop into a trendy mirror with hints of damasked pattern coming through. This is going to be a first try so hopefully it turns out OK.

Fixing a little colonial wooden style coffee table I scored for $5.

Figuring out what to do with this box.

Turning a dresser I hopefully win on Ebay tonight into an entertainment unit.
Finding a roll top desk to make over.
I'm going to be busy for a while!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have been unsure of what to do with a blank wall in our family room for a while now, So I saw an idea on the Internet about painting old frames. So I started raiding op shops and found a heap of them. I ended up spending about $30.

Then I primed, and painted them with some left over paint called "cloud cream"

I decided to fill them with black and white photos, of places we are dying to see, all around the world. And once we have been to the particular destination, we can replace the black and white pic, with our own personal colorful master piece.

Here's how it turned out
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