Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Desk makeover!

So remember last week how I found this desk on the side of the road? (I was to scared to take a picture of it sitting by the curb! I was just rushing to get it on the ute and speed away)

Well last night, the make over was complete! I sanded, primed and painted the desk, and painted the existing knobs.
I used the left over paint from my last dresser makeover, So I didn't buy anything! It's a free makeover, baby!

The draws we covered in ink, so I painted the insides black, and lined them with some wrapping paper I have sitting around.

Free! Free! Free! Love it!


  1. it looks great- so modern cottage! gotta love those curbside finds. so glad you rescued it! thanks for linking to my party!

  2. I love it! Those handles are great. I love a good desk refurbish! It looks gorgeous.

  3. When it is free, it is double the fun! I love it! I like the wrapping paper idea!

  4. I love "rescuing" furniture from the curb! Looks great! :)

  5. Great makeover. I love the inside of the drawers, something that is often overlooked in these makeovers we see online. Quality work does even the stuff no one need ever see. Good job.
    April @ HomeHinges.com


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