Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dresser makeover, Garage Sales and Roadkill rescue OH MY!

Here is my latest completed make over, I got this dresser off Ebay a few weeks ago:

She had seen better days, lots of scratches on the top and some of the handles where quite damaged.

So I spray painted some of the existing ones, and also brought some new ones. (Gotta love the Bargain centre around the corner from work, all handles $1!)

So I Sanded, Primed, and painted her with a off white mistint i found.

And here's the final product:

Notice those Blue vases in the left corner? They were one of the many Bargains I got on the weekend Garage Saleing! (Is Saleing even a word? ah well lets say it is) They were not that cute when I saw them...

This is how I found them, But I loved the shape and they were $5 for the both of them!

This baby was $3, I have painted her blue too, but have no picture. The bamboo place mats in the background where $2 for 8. I'm going to stencil them with a table runner I got for $1.

I also got 2 ugly lamps for $10, which I am kind of regretting now, I think they might be beyond help, so might just use the lamp wiring. And my last bargains where more picture frames for 50 cents each, and some old antique door locks for 50 cents that I'm sure will come in handy for something.

I was feeling a little sad that I didn't find any furniture to make over. But also relieved for my marriage's sake that I didn't spend any more money on furniture, so my hubby couldn't complain....
Then, around the corner from my house we spot a large desk sitting on someones nature strip. I pull over brakes screeching, and see there is a little cardboard signing leaning on it saying "FREE".
I only parked one house away, but it took forever to get it in the back of the ute, this baby is solid wood, and built very well! But its mine now!

The next day I found out the top is way to wide to fit through any doors in my house, so I spent last night taking the top off (Easy done!) and sanding her. She will fit now, I will just have to put her back together in the study. Can't wait till she is finished, I'm still deciding to keep her plain and classic, or do something a bit different on the top, like a mural, or blackboard.
Any suggestions?
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  1. I can't wait to see your Roadkill Rescue transformation@!! The dresser turned out beautiful!

  2. The white dresser turned out great!
    & furniture roadkill to the rescue - marriage saved & free furniture! Score : )

  3. WOW! that white dresser is F-A-B-ulous! the details on the drawers are amazing. it is very chic! thanks so much for linking up to my first party!

  4. This dresser is awesome...The white made the details POP! love it!

  5. you brought that dresser back from the dead - bravo!!

  6. I love the dresser and the blue bottles! great job.
    No ideas about the other piece... glad you can get it through the door though.
    thanks for linking up!

  7. Girl!! Wow. Love that dresser! I can SO relate to the hubs giving you a hard time about buying MORE furniture. Mine rolls his eyes every time. I alwaysnsmile and tell him that it could be worse. I could love expensive jewelry .... But really I love cheap junk!

  8. I love how good it looks in white and I love how you got rid of the starches.

    -Zane of ontario honey

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