Saturday, January 15, 2011

Projects galore! and room sneak peak

Lately I have been such a busy little Bee! Here are a taste of just a few of my projects I have been working on:
Here is how the room is going. Floor almost finished:

In our front lounge room, I got bored of the white frames and the pictures being spaced so far apart, so Friday I painted them glossy black and re hung them:

Here is my dream mirror, which I brought as a Christmas present to myself:

And my coffee table tray, I;ve started collecting owls.

I used 14 cans of chocolate brown spray paint on our old faded blinds. Yes i hung them on the clothes line to paint them!

Here is a sneak peak at the new room and our new leather couch:

I'm off to help with the finishing touches, I'll do a better detailed blog on it soon:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh how I have missed you!

Sorry for my absence! I got caught up with all the Xmas/ new years stuff, then MORE Reno's!
I have missed you all!
How was everyones break?
Mine was great! Got ALOT done (by alot i mean spent a TONNE off money and will be eating cold baked beans out of the tin for the next 12 months... Well not that bad but we are on a tight budget now! Which is a good thing, I want to come up with insanely cheap projects!)
My camera cord is MIA, which is annoying cos I had so many pics I wanted to share. The renos are almost finished! we were one box short for the flooring, so we should have that by the weekend, then its all done!
The new room is going to be great. I am itching to start trying different furniture combos then start decorating it. I started marking the pages of my ikea catalog last night for insperation :)
So, in the next few days, I promise I will find the cord, and write a lovely long blog on everything we had to do to make the room.
I spent one whole day painting our old blinds... it took 17 cans of spray paint, and i'll tell ya what, my hands where killing the next day!
Talk soon,

Em xx
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