Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Done, Done, onto the next one!

I'm almost finished my next project! I am going to experiment with some decoupage!

So lets see what this:

(A cute little shelf I found at a Garage sale. I asked it to be included in the sale when I brought a little wooden storage box, as a freebie. The lady was clearly trying to hide her giggles when I asked for it. Thinking "whats this lunatic want with the spider web covered shelf? Let the crazy take it!" Oh well, give me all the looks you want, Score for me!)

Plus this color:

Last night, I got 4 litres from Bunnings for $20 as it was a mistint! Woooo its going to get used a lot I can tell already!

Plus this patterned paper I just brought 10 metres of:

Of and of course some of this baby:

Equals...... Something beautiful??


I sure hope, I'm not left with a giant mess of glue, paper balls, and ruined furniture...

If so, I will have no choice but to set fire to it in the front yard. Screaming on my knees "WHY GOD WHYYYYYYY?" For years to come, the garage sale ladies giggling face will endlessly taunt my dreams making me wake in the middle of the night in cold sweats...

On another note, Why do my family say I am a drama queen?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last week, I fell head over heals in love. I'm feel ashamed for how much I fell for this darling dresser I found on EBay. (But since no one is reading this, technically, I am only talking to myself and so I can say whatever I want.) I never felt this way about a piece of furniture... But I guess as i am starting to get into this furniture painting thing, It's going to happen again and again.

It was my first love.

See the potential it has?? Some white slightly distressed paint, new handles, and I even was planning to give the mirror a new home on my hallway wall. I even brought some handles on the weekend for it! I've seen the handels at bunnings for $8 each, and then saw them in the bargain bin for $1 at the local hardware store, so I had to stock up! I feel like such a fool, I was so cocky and sure it was mine!
And I lost it in a split second, stupidly focusing on the Master Chef finale I forget to make a bid.

It ended up going for only $40. Bargain of the century!
I have loved and lost, and learnt a valuable lesson. See what you loose when you watch Master Chef instead of claiming your love?
I hope it gets treated well at its new home.
Whats that saying about loving something and letting it free? Maybe the planets will aline, and it will come back to me?
As I type this, I am also checking over EBay, cos I am a chick and I can multi task. Doubt I will ever find anything as cute bu-

Hang on.


Check it out!

So. Much. Potential!!!!!!!!
And this one comes with two side tables as well!!
OK, I'm back and have a new love! Hopefully in 9 days I actually bid on this, and this baby will be mine!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The First Makeover

We are tightening our budget at the moment, and were in need of a storage cupboard. Since I had all the insperations from the other sites, I decided to take the poor neglected wardrobe the previous owners left behind. She was timid and badly abused from the constant Greylead drawing attacks they did to her.

I got her trust, unscrewed doors and handles, sanded, Primed, searched eBay for some glass handles.
I decided to just go a plain color for my first project. Next time I think i will get abit more creative and play with different techniques and glazes. But I think it turned out all right.

Now it is all organised holding all my crafty goods, and games, and sits proudly in my study.
Can't wait for the next project! I've found a new love. It's even more fun doing it then looking at other peoples blogs!

These are a few of my favourite things! I mean Blogs

Here are some links to my favourite blogs at the moment!

Holly is a genius. Pure and simple! Her makeovers are stunning and so inspirational. I just wish I lived in Canada so I could buy some of her pieces! Check out her DIY section, there are so many beautiful makeovers I had such a hard time picking which picture I wanted to use.

Beautiful pieces with such extensive knowledge on painting techniques. And not afraid to use some color!

Great Ideas from heaps of peoples works! Great for the challanges.

First things first

Recently, I have become quite obsessed with furniture makeovers. I mean OBSESSED. Its all I seem to do now... So I am giving it ago myself!
It's like my porn!
I am not the most Tech savvy girl, so please bear with me, might take a little while to get into it all. But I just wanted to blog about my own personal makeovers, as well as share links to my favourite ones I have found.
Hopefully I'm not the only re loved furniture junkie out there!
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