Saturday, November 20, 2010

French black and white Dresser makeover

This weekend I finished of a dresser I have been meaning to make over for ages:

Was pretty ugly huh?

It was a bit hard to make over, the handles are really stuck down so I had to hand paint them and it took awhile longer then planned, but here are the after shots.

I didn't get to do the whole nice bring it inside and take shots of it against the white wall the accessories, because I did my back picking up the 10 litres of paint. I'm must be getting old! Haha.
I love it. I want to keep it, but it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the house, so its up for sale.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gold is OLD! Black is Back

Here are some of the projects I have been working on lately:
(Bargain mirror I found on ebay!)

Lamp I found before:
(shade from Target)

And a dresser my sister in law spotted on someones yard:

and using my new spray gun:

Sorry if you had to tilt your head to the side! Can't figure out how to change them around :)
Hope everyone is having a nice week!
I have a HEAP of other projects to get done this weekend!
Thanks for reading and following! It means so much to me :)
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Massive Renovations!

In our house, we have two back rooms that hardly get used, a formal dinning room, and a bar.

(Once again one of my dogs managed to make an apperence in a picture!)

So starting last week the builders came along, and removed the wall that's to the left of this pic.

This weekend was spent ripping up the old tiles and carpet.

It's a complete mess at the moment, but hubby will have a try of plastering over the bricks this weekend, Then the great paint off shall begin! I think I am going to do one feature wall, with a stencil from cutting edge but there are too many I love to pick just one... And after that we are laying timber floor boards. YAY! So sick of concrete dust and its only been a few days.
My head has been racing about what furniture layouts can be done, does anyone use those programs that have a blank room and you can try different combos on the computer?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Productive week so far

Had a crazy busy week, I have a tonne of makeovers to get done this weekend (I'm just going to ignore the oil coming out of the compressor and spray paint up a storm! What can possibly go wrong?) and BIG renovations are happening at my house this week.

We are removing a wall in between our formal dining room, and the bar. By "we" I mean a builder, But we are going to try do the rest ourselves! DIY plastering, flooring and painting. I have a million ideas in my head. I know there will be a wallpaper feature wall. I am constanly day dreaming of furniture combinations.

I lost my camera (AGAIN) but as soon as I find it, I will load some before pics up!

Also, I have pulled practically a robbery and got the greatest bargain, possibly in the history of the world. Some poor darling didn't know how to list things on eBay, and just made the heading "BEDROOM". What did I get you ask? Well for $20 I got, 2 wardrobes, a bed head, 2 side tables, a dresser with a mirror and a tall boy... Yeah I'm getting arrested by some form of government agency.

My new book came in the mail, I have only read a tiny bit, but I can already tell, "Design Rules, by Elaine Griffin" is about to become my bible.

She is the bee's knees.
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