Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wall unit makeover, and my first Giveaway! Woooo!

I brought this baby a few months ago, and she has been taking up room/collecting dust in the garage ever since.

60's Gold Diamond patterned doors? No thanks!
So I removed the doors, hardware, puttied, sanded, primed, and painted her in Dulux Grey pail.
Then I used a $2.06 mistint tub of turquoise paint I scored, to add some extra color to the back ground, and here she is:

I replaced the old handles with cute lil silver new ones.

I kinda fell out of love with her last night, but after I threw in some decorations this afternoon, I am defiantly back, head over heals in love with her.
This is only some decorations I very quickly threw together, I still got some work to do:
What do you think?
Any chance you spotted the yellow Morrissey Sunglasses in there?
Here is a better close up:
Well, they are my give away! As part of the sunnie days promo, I was sent some AWESOME Banana and berry Nectar juice (yummooooo btw!) and two pairs of Morrissey sunglasses! One for me, and one for one of my readers!
Whats that I hear you thinking? What? you want to see them modeled on some shirtless Aussie men?
You twisted my arm.
Only cos you asked so nicely.
Please meet, my brother Luke and Dad Michael:

Ok so there are three ways to enter:
1. Follow me on here, and comment that you are a follower.
2. Like me on facebook! ,comment to let me know.
3. Facebook, twitter or blog about the giveaway, and make a comment to let me know.
3 entries per person.
Comp ends 28th of February.
Winner will be chosen by random org.
Aussie's only. (sooooo sorry international followers, It's an Australian promo, I'll have a give away for everyone soon hopefully. Do you still love me? ok cool)

Good luck!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Upholstered chair

I brought this chair at a garage sale for $2 months ago. Apricot velvet... nice....

I took it apart and spray painted it in black gloss.

Then with my trusty staple gun I stuck on my new
uphostery fabric.
Then Viola I just stuck it all back together. Much better!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

well overdue room reno blog

Hey Everyone!

So here is the final unavailing of our room. We all remember how hideous it was before right? (also notice the blinds, you are going to see them made over soon)

Two rooms, that were completely wasted space, so we decided to knock the wall down, and make it one nice cosy family room. We had to get a builder to remove the wall and put up a beam, as it was a load bearing room. He jacked it up on stilts, and took a few days.

After that we ripped up all the tiles and carpet, and smoothed out our concrete slab.
The boys spent a weekend hanging up all new plaster to cover the bricks, and make the wall have an even finish.
Then after sanding and finishing the plastering, we painted the whole room in dulux, cloud cream.
Then after leveling the floor,hubby spend HOURS AND HOURS laying our new timber laminate floor. He watched a video youtube and it told him it would take 2 hours. What a joke! all in all I'm pretty sure it took about 60 hours to finish the floor.

It looks so natural and I'm so in love with it.
Remember the old blinds? Well I spray painted them chocolate brown.
And here is the final product!

We soooo need a plasma to go on the blue stand

Am going to get a white coffee table and side tables

But I am so happy its all done!! Now it just needs some interior design magic and I'm so ready to go! I am starting an interior design diploma this week and I'm very excited!
Also, I am having my first give away next week, so If your not a follower make sure you sign up!
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