Tuesday, October 26, 2010

EmTea Designs

I have finally come to a few decisions lately.

I want to get more and more into making over furniture. It's something I love! It would be a dream come true to do this for a job! Specially starting a family in the next year or two, its a job I can do from home with ease!

I want to do an Interior Design course.

I have come up with a business name, EmTea Designs.

My name is Emma Thomas, Emma Thomas Designs wasn't available, and after finding out a few more combinations were unavailable, while sipping my tea, and thinking about how much I LOVE tea, I found out the name EmTea Designs is avalible.

Do people call their business and blog names something different? I can't really sell things after explaining how I did it can you? Love to hear your thoughts :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Spray Gun Makeovers

On the Weekend I got my spray gun up and working. I love it, but still have a few more things to figure out on it. Here are a few before and afters:

(My Dogs somehow get themselves into almost every before pic!)

Here is the coffee table finally made over:

And a little uuuuugly purple lamp that I brought for $4 and forgot to take before pictures, but trust me, it was BAD

I have a tonne more make overs that are almost done thanks to my handy new spray gun (even though it is pouring out oil...) So I should have them up in the next few days.
My house looks like such a mess at the moment, I need to sort it all out and re organise, big make overs at our house happening this week, the builders are coming to knock down a big load bearing brick wall this week woo hoo!! Pics coming soon :)
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everything is coming up Milhouse

Ok, So I read some blogs, ate some sushi, then decided to go to the local hardware store for more ideas.
While sneaking around the paint section trying to find the mistint trolley, eyes all shifting looking very dodgy, I overhead that one of the major paint brand is getting put off the shelf, and they are selling all their 10 litre drums for $40! CHAAAA CHIN!!!!
I went crazy.
200 bucks later, I am feeling very inspired and ready to paint!
I've almost got a spray gun all sorted, should be in my hands by the weekend.
And even better news, its rubbish collection time so everyone around here is throwing away their furniture they no longer love.
Life is looking up :)

In a funky mood

I am back safe and sound from my holiday, Suffering a major case of the can't be bothered's....

I have no motivation, or inspiration, and a heap of furniture I need to make over asap....

Hopefully if I spend some time reading all the blogs that give me inspiration it will get me out of my funk.

On my holiday I got a new little tattoo on my left foot, its a bit red still in the picture:

So whats inspiring you? I gotta get out of this mood!
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