Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Name is Emma, and I am a furnitureholic

In a recent trip to Ikea, I fell in love with this coffee table:

(I am falling in love a lot with furniture lately. I'm a furniture slut)

It's soooo cute, The top is like a display case. I found this example on the Internet. I could constantly be giving it a face lift, think of cute little Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations, or anything I felt like that week!

But alas, It was only is made in the white color (wouldn't really go with our decor), and its $479....

So I obsessed over it, google searched it, and found a second hand one, for $175 and only a half hour drive away.

I emailed the seller, he wanted it picked up that day. After a horrible day at work, my husband agreed to come along with me, in the pouring rain. He didn't screw his face up when he saw it, and put it in the back of the Ute for me, not bitching once! I was Shocked.

So now it sits in my lounge, in perfect condition. I am very happy with it, still haven't made up my mind if I will paint it or not. I kinda like that it doesn't match the other furniture.

Then I brought this on Ebay last night and picked it up:

Again, he didn't bitch, or screw up his nose! It's an August miracle I tell you!

I'm going to paint it up, maybe shabby chic style, and try my luck at selling it.

I hear by promise, that I can buy no more furniture until I have finished off ALL my half done projects. And Belive me - there are ALOT of them. Hopefully I can stay stong :)

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  1. Good finds! I always like to butter up my husband before asking him if he minds stopping at Goodwill or helping me with furniture!


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