Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Best $4.50 I ever Spent

I went to the op shop yesterday, and found this small gold mirror for $4!

Some black spray paint, and here is how it looks now:

While I had the spray paint out, I painted the bird cage I got at a garage sale on the weekend for 50 cents! Should of taken a before pic...

Here it looks like sitting on the mantel. I was so exhausted last night I just sat on my butt and took these pictures from the couch haha.

And here is proof of my lovely bargain Ikea table :)


  1. dang it!! I want to find myself one of those mirrors. I've been wanting one forever. They just do not exist in my thrift stores :*(
    Looks awesome though.
    Also, loooove the birdcage.

  2. Oh I just love that mirror!!! So jealous!!


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