Thursday, July 22, 2010

The First Makeover

We are tightening our budget at the moment, and were in need of a storage cupboard. Since I had all the insperations from the other sites, I decided to take the poor neglected wardrobe the previous owners left behind. She was timid and badly abused from the constant Greylead drawing attacks they did to her.

I got her trust, unscrewed doors and handles, sanded, Primed, searched eBay for some glass handles.
I decided to just go a plain color for my first project. Next time I think i will get abit more creative and play with different techniques and glazes. But I think it turned out all right.

Now it is all organised holding all my crafty goods, and games, and sits proudly in my study.
Can't wait for the next project! I've found a new love. It's even more fun doing it then looking at other peoples blogs!


  1. Your new storage cupboard is wonderful! I LOVE those glass knobs you found! :) Great job!

  2. Great job on the cabinet! I'm also just getting started in the DIY world. I'm following and look forward to seeing your future projects.

    Oh, and good luck bidding on the dresser. It's beautiful and I hope you win!

  3. I love the gray color. The glass knobs are so pretty on it, too.

    I really like it!

  4. I REALLY like what you've done with this piece. Would you mind posting the brand of paint you used and the name of the color? Thanks!

  5. Great job on a first project! It looks fantastic!

  6. Thanks so much everyone for the wonderful comments! I'll find the name of the color tonight


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