Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What would you do? (WWWD?) aka HEEELP!

Remember my beautiful, tranquil vision I had for our new room? Well, the floor is getting laid today, and then we are almost home free.....

Hubby and I started to share our visions of how we want it set up last night.
I was almost shaking with excitement to show him this picture! I thought I am so close to the dream becoming reality! Till he shared his vision.......
He wants to hang his beloved sports memorabilia:

And display his collection of toys from horror movies:

How Horrible is this?
Stop giggleing, close your mouth and lower those eye brows! I can see them from here!
I know its "our" house. But .....
Maybe that's how he feels about my stuff?
How does one meet in the middle with this?

Right now I am fighting every being in my body not to set fire to the whole thing!


  1. um, I would tell him to stick to the garage the house is YOUR space to decorate. or build him a shelf in a closet. yeah I know I am mean like that.

  2. And seriously, I'll mail you the lighter.

  3. Haaaahaha! I know! but its hard as we dont have a garage, or any other room really... This room WAS the bar, where all his crap would go.

  4. Then I would tell him to build a shed in the back yard, deck it out any way he wants too ;)

  5. Check out my post, what should I get rid of. My husband wants a lazy boy in my living room. Not going to happen.


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