Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Future makeovers

Hello Lovely readers!

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while! The house renovations are taking up all my free time! But it's starting to look like we are getting somewhere!

It's been so hard to find some spare time to get some furniture make overs done! My house is an absolute mess at the moment, I am hoping over the Christmas break to get my new bargains some much needed made overs!

Here is a dresser I picked up off Ebay Sunday night.

Lots of potential!

Plus the drawers that were in that bargain bedroom set I got off ebay:

So I am going to be busy!

Also, for our new room (when Its finally done) I decided I wanted some matching wall units.

I found these twins on Ebay:

They are almost identical, except one has a draw with a cocktail cupboard in the middle of it. All the hardware has been removed, and its all sanded, now all i need is some time to paint!
I have chosen a gray paint, and fell in love with this color scheme when I saw this pic:

Grey paint, with torquise back wall. LOVE!
So hopefully, VERY soon I will have lots of "after" shots to show you for all my projects :)


  1. Wow, you'll definitely be VERY busy! Nice job finding twin cabinets, can't wait to see the reveals!

  2. I know it's warm there now right? you're luck, it's cold here and making me want to postpone any painting project I was thinking about doing. I love the turquoise and gray combo from your inspiration pic. Good luck, can't wait to see everything.

  3. Thankd Em, I am asking "Santa" for some extra nap time this Christmas. I am really looking forward to seeing your projects coming up. Any updates?


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