Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Productive week so far

Had a crazy busy week, I have a tonne of makeovers to get done this weekend (I'm just going to ignore the oil coming out of the compressor and spray paint up a storm! What can possibly go wrong?) and BIG renovations are happening at my house this week.

We are removing a wall in between our formal dining room, and the bar. By "we" I mean a builder, But we are going to try do the rest ourselves! DIY plastering, flooring and painting. I have a million ideas in my head. I know there will be a wallpaper feature wall. I am constanly day dreaming of furniture combinations.

I lost my camera (AGAIN) but as soon as I find it, I will load some before pics up!

Also, I have pulled practically a robbery and got the greatest bargain, possibly in the history of the world. Some poor darling didn't know how to list things on eBay, and just made the heading "BEDROOM". What did I get you ask? Well for $20 I got, 2 wardrobes, a bed head, 2 side tables, a dresser with a mirror and a tall boy... Yeah I'm getting arrested by some form of government agency.

My new book came in the mail, I have only read a tiny bit, but I can already tell, "Design Rules, by Elaine Griffin" is about to become my bible.

She is the bee's knees.


  1. I cannot believe how much stuff you got for $20! Looking forward to seeing your transformations! (I misplace my camera all the time, too!)

  2. I'm picking it all up tomorrow, so should be interesting... I dont want to get my hopes up to much, it seems to good to be true! :)


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