Monday, November 8, 2010

Massive Renovations!

In our house, we have two back rooms that hardly get used, a formal dinning room, and a bar.

(Once again one of my dogs managed to make an apperence in a picture!)

So starting last week the builders came along, and removed the wall that's to the left of this pic.

This weekend was spent ripping up the old tiles and carpet.

It's a complete mess at the moment, but hubby will have a try of plastering over the bricks this weekend, Then the great paint off shall begin! I think I am going to do one feature wall, with a stencil from cutting edge but there are too many I love to pick just one... And after that we are laying timber floor boards. YAY! So sick of concrete dust and its only been a few days.
My head has been racing about what furniture layouts can be done, does anyone use those programs that have a blank room and you can try different combos on the computer?

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