Monday, October 25, 2010

Spray Gun Makeovers

On the Weekend I got my spray gun up and working. I love it, but still have a few more things to figure out on it. Here are a few before and afters:

(My Dogs somehow get themselves into almost every before pic!)

Here is the coffee table finally made over:

And a little uuuuugly purple lamp that I brought for $4 and forgot to take before pictures, but trust me, it was BAD

I have a tonne more make overs that are almost done thanks to my handy new spray gun (even though it is pouring out oil...) So I should have them up in the next few days.
My house looks like such a mess at the moment, I need to sort it all out and re organise, big make overs at our house happening this week, the builders are coming to knock down a big load bearing brick wall this week woo hoo!! Pics coming soon :)
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  1. wow! fantastic job!

    Question, what kind of sprayer did you choose and do you need a compressor to use it?

  2. Yes, I use a compressor, I'll get all the details and do a post tonight on it.

  3. Looks great! Don't you just l-o-v-e the sprayer? I heart mine!

  4. Looks great--it's amazing what spray paint can do!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog; glad to have you as a new reader :)


  5. I'm jealous, spray paint cans are so limiting in colors, but with a spray gun...oh, the possibilities.

  6. those look so soft and pretty now! they were kind of chunky and sad before- now they're so much softer! thanks for joining the party!

  7. Hi Emma-

    Your lamp re-do looks like one you could buy at Home Goods. It looks great.
    My best- Diane

  8. Very cute and I love your lamp. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  9. They look so nice! Spray guns are the bomb!!!

  10. Love the look of the coffee table!


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