Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nursery Ideas/ Eye candy

As I type this, I have a baby in my belly frantically dancing away to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." In the last few weeks baby is defiantly making it's presence known! Its such a great feeling. I'm 22 weeks along now, so bub will be here in no time! I am really starting to get obsessed with nursery Idea's, and lucky for me there are plenty of ideas out there on the net!

We had our 20 week scan, and baby was being difficult so they couldn't tell us the sex. Which I guess was a good thing as hubby wants a surprise.

We have been extremely lucky with hand me downs. Among many things, we scored a wooden teak stained cot and change table of my cousin :)

Last night, I quickly ducked into Typo and fell in love with these two prints:

I would hang them about the change table, but I didn't buy them as I was a tiny bit worried they are a bit TOO trippy... Thoughts?

This Rug is adorable, but I think it might be too small, only 80cm x 120cm. So I am thinking of getting two, or am still on the look out for the perfect black and white zig zag rug.

I love the expedit book case from Ikea, lots of storage room.

Because the room is painted white, and so far all the furniture is wooden, I want a bit of color in the room. This dresser from Ikea is blue, but I think it will work for a boy or girl still:

Who else is on pintrest? OMG. Obsessed! I saw this idea and knew we are going to have to have some shelves like this. The hubby even loved it too and started making notes of wood he needs to buy:)

Must. Use. Them.

After non stop stalking Young house love, I stumbled across this blog:
And am sold on cloth nappies! We got our order a few weeks ago, and I washed them last night. They are sooo cute! (who could of ever thought I would say a nappy is cute?) and I hope they work well for us! I still have to order a sprayer, but our wet bags came yesterday.

So in the next few weeks, I should have some progress of the nursery to show you!

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